The 20th Tynemouth Beach Volleyball Tournament 2012

14/15th July 2012

2012, Olympic year, saw the 20th Tynemouth Beach Volleyball Tournament. Both Eileen and I never thought we'd still be going!

As last year, we were dreading the weather! Several local events had been cancelled and the news was full of stories of flooding! We needn't have worried; while setting the courts up, the sun shone and it stayed fine although it was pretty cold! A few spots of rain but nothing to stop play.

We had 26 men's pairs and 12 women's. Unfortunately, the junior competition had been cancelled due to lack of entries as last year. We have now decided to no longer try and run the juniors and concentrate on the senior competition.


In the men's pairs, local Team Northumbria duo Killa Berden; Atilla Berndt and Kieran Sowden came out winners, with a Latvian pair from Wigan, runners up. The Plate competition saw Paul and Craig from Carlisle beat locals Glenn and Trev.


In the women's 2-a-side, again Magda Ropiak (Team Northumbria), came out victor but with new local partner Abby Sowden. They beat 2 locals who had been paired up and just met each other for the first time – Tanya and Melizza. The women's plate was won by North East pair, Jenny and Claire with runners up locals June and Lorna.

A first for Tynemouth saw Sky Tyne & Wear reporting on the event. Atilla wore a head cam during play and Kieran, Abby and Magda were interviewed. This was posted on their website, helping to spread the sport to others.

A successful day was had by all with everyone looking forward to an evening in Newcastle to help celebrate the 20th year.

Sunday Mixes

Sunday saw sunshine to start the day again and it continued! It was now the 4-a-side mixed competition of 29 teams. The top pool final was won by MAKK – locals Keith and Kieran Sowden, Atilla Berndt and Magda Ropiak with When I Were in Fiji; locals Hollie Patterson, Steve Anderson, Jonny Berriman and Gary Muir runners-up.

The Plate final was between locals Block Party and Olympic Wannabes, with the former coming out champions. We then had a second Plate competition, (didn't want to call them ‘bottom!') with a local group of inexperienced players Tass K Force, beating Tynedale B.

The last final of the day was the mixed pairs. This knockout competition is run over a lunchtime period, but is concluded at the end of the day. SowdiakMagda Ropiak and Kieran Sowden won, with father and son pairing – Chris and Joe Elder, runners-up.

This meant that Magda Ropiak and Kieran Sowden were winning finalists in all 3 competitions over the 2 days. Magda had achieved this last year but it was the first time a male and female had done it!

A big, big thank you to all the lads who come down every year to put up and take down nets and to all those who contributed to the beautiful bouquets and wine Eileen and I received. Here's to next year!

Saturday's results

competition winners runners-up
2-a-side men's cup Killa Berden:
Atilla Berndt & Kieran Sowden
Ingemārs Ivanovs
2-a-side men's plate Paul & Craig Glenn & Trev
2-a-side women's cup Magda Ropiak
& Abby Sowden
Tanya & Melizza
2-a-side women's plate Jenny & Claire June & Lorna

Sunday's results

competition winners runners-up
4-a-side mixed cup MAKK:
Keith & Kieran Sowden, Atilla Berndt, Magda Ropiak
When I Were In Fiji: Steve Anderson, Jonny Berriman, Hollie Patterson, Gary Muir
4-a-side mixed plate Block Party Olympic Wannabes
4-a-side mixed second plate Tass K Force Tynedale B
2-a-side mixed Sowdiak:
Magda Ropiak
& Kieran Sowden
Chris & Joe Elder

Action from the last year's tournament.
By Nisha Joshi

14/15th July 2012 14/15th July 2012 14/15th July 2012 14/15th July 2012 2-a-side men's cup winners – Atilla Berndt & Kieran Sowden (green), and runners-up – Latvian duo from Wigan (red) 2-a-side men's cup & plate winners & runners-up 2-a-side women's cup winners Abby Sowden & Magda Ropiak 2-a-side women's cup winners - Abby Sowden & Magda Ropiak (green), and runners-up – Tanya & Melizza (red) 2-a-side women's plate runners-up Lorna & June 4-a-side mixed plate winners (green) and runners-up (red) Organisers - Eileen Anderson & Sue Sowden 14/15th July 2012
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