The 19th Tynemouth Beach Volleyball Tournament 2011

9/10th July 2011

Well, I can no longer say that we always get good weather at the Tynemouth Beach Volleyball Tournament! The weekend before was blistering but unfortunately, it did not last. Saturday 9th July started okay but thunderstorms threatened and did not disappoint. The thunder and lightning was spectacular and we even ended the day with hailstones!

Never mind, the tournament went on, despite the torrent of water flowing down the bank where the organisers trailer was sited. This was used by players, to wash their feet! It then cascaded onto the beach, causing flooding! It was the first time in 19 years, the organisers have had to retreat inside the North Tyneside trailer, followed by several volleyballers afraid of the rain!

The afternoon brightened up and we managed to complete all competitions. We had 30 men's pairs and 15 women's. Unfortunately, the junior competition had been cancelled due to lack of entries.


In the men's pairs, local duo, Goose & MaverickSteve Anderson and Gary Muir, were narrowly beaten by Leon & Craig, a pair from Cumbria. The Plate competition saw Tribute to Peter Griffin, from York, beat Team Scott – two Haughton lads.


In the women's 2-a-side, a new pairing just for today's competition saw Magda Ropiak (Team Northumbria) and Helen Sowden from Derby, beat Cheese & Vodka, a pair from Manchester. The women's Plate was won by North East pair, 2 Bazookas with runners up local June Patterson with her grandson Dan; a first at Tynemouth!

Despite the weather, a good day was had by all.

Sunday Mixes

Sunday was the complete opposite weather-wise, the sun shone for most of the day and there was not a drop of rain.

It was now the 4-a-side mixed competition. The top pool final was watched by a record crowd, who saw When I Were In Fiji – locals Magda Ropiak, Steve Anderson, Jonny Berriman and Gary Muir beat Polish team Woo Boo Doo DoMatt Tomaszewski, Przemek Serek Serafin, Max Marzec and Anna Kozak, in a very close match.

The Plate final was between locals, Hebburn Has Beans and Middlesbrough bunch, Usual Suspects, being won by the former team.

The last final of the day was the mixed pairs. This knockout competition is run over a lunchtime period, but is concluded at the end of the day. Kie's BabesMagda Ropiak and Jonny Berriman won, with Carlisle pair, Adie & Ali runners-up.

This meant that Magda Ropiak was a winning finalist in all 3 competitions over the 2 days. Another first for Tynemouth.

Saturday's results

competition winners runners-up
2-A-SIDE MEN'S CUP Leon & Craig Goose & Maverick:
Gary Muir
& Steve Anderson
2-A-SIDE MEN'S PLATE Tribute to Peter Griffin Team Scott:
Scott Hailes
& Damo Reed
2-A-SIDE WOMEN'S CUP Magda Ropiak
& Helen Britten
Cheese & Vodka
2-A-SIDE WOMEN'S PLATE Bazookas June & Dan Patterson

Sunday's results

competition winners runners-up
4-A-SIDE MIXED DIVISION 1 When I Were In Fiji: Steve Anderson, Jonny Berriman, Magda Ropiak, Gary Muir Woo Boo Doo Do: Przemek Serek Serafin, Matt Tomaszewski, Max Marzec, Anna Kozak
4-A-SIDE MIXED DIVISION 2 Hebburn Has Beans  
4-A-SIDE MIXED DIVISION 3 Usual Suspects  
2-A-SIDE MIXED Kies Babes:
Magda Ropiak
& Jonny Berriman
Adie & Ali Rennie
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