The 18th Tynemouth Beach Volleyball Tournament 2010

10/11th July 2010

Was the 18th Tynemouth Beach Volleyball Tournament going to go ahead? A handful of entries by the closing date plus a few verbal confirmations suggested not. Not enough to make it worthwhile anyway and I was beginning to think we were jinxed – looking at the weather forecast didn't help.

I needn't have worried, Saturday arrived and we had a record number of teams in the men's doubles: 26. Unfortunately, only 8 female and 6 junior but the weather surprised everyone, with glorious sunshine. The short shower over lunchtime came as a welcome relief.


The women's competition was again won by last year's winners – Tor Swindells and Mandi McLean, with runners up Kestrels, Emma Gordon and Kirsty Martin from Nunthorpe.


The men's competition, after a mixture of abilities all playing each other in the morning, was split into 3 levels in the afternoon. The ladies winners and runners-up joining with them, to gain more competition. The top competition was won by Wey Aye Man, Kieran Sowden and Stuey Jeanes, with runners-up, Goose & Maverick, Steve Anderson and Gary Muir. All players are based in the North East, although Stuey originates from Weymouth.

The Plate competition was won by Koalas In The UK, Scott Hailes and Australian, Brad Surfiani, both based in Darlington. Runners-up were Gregg Robb and Allan Robertson, from Hebburn VC.

The lower division was won by a pair from Hexham: Johnny Lodge and Tom Lambert, with runners-up Set & Spike, Harry Cunningham and Julian Mak, who were playing in their first ever beach volleyball tournament.


The Junior section, was won by Hawks, from Nunthorpe, with runners-up Park View from Chester-le-Street.

Sunday Mixes

Sunday came and the weather again started well. However, the sun disappeared and the wind blew. This did not stop the competition between a total of 26 mixed teams of 4-a-side.

A similar format to yesterdays men's 2-a-side, saw 3 levels of competition: the top being won by Magners, Ste Harrison, Brent Thompson (Middlesbrough), Neil Orr (Darlington) and junior, Joe Wilson (Newcastle). Runners-up were Losers; Glen Robertson, Trevor Jeyes, Andi Werner and Melizza Castanares (all Marden VC).

The Plate winners were Wildcats, Magda and Max Marzec, Tom Lambert (Tynedale) with Liam Jenkinson (Darlington). Runners-up were the Grand Old Dukes, a foursome from York University.

The lower division was won by Newburn players: Dale Hildrew, Dylan Thompson, Lauren and Sophie Hindhaugh. Runners-up were Pink, Pink Fizz, a team from Acklam consisting of Ian Sinclair, Jack Bosomworth, Josh Taylor and Matthew Farrow.

The knock-out, mixed 2-a-side competition saw great rivalry between the Sowden family, with three members playing in separate teams in the semi-finals. It was eventually won by Tiny Guns & Tor; Kieran Sowden and Tor Swindells. Runners-up were uncle and nephew duo OK: Keith and Oliver Sowden.

Thanks must go to North Tyneside Council as well as the many volunteers, for their support in helping us make this tournament a success.

Saturday's results

competition winners runners-up
2-A-SIDE MEN'S CUP Wey Aye Man:
Kieran Sowden & Stuey Jeanes
Goose & Maverick:
Gary Muir
& Steve Anderson
2-A-SIDE MEN'S PLATE Koalas In The UK:
Scott Hailes & Brad Surfiani
Greg Robb
& Allan Robertson
2-A-SIDE MEN'S LOWER DIVISION Johnny Lodge & Tom Lambert Harry Cunningham & Julian Mak
2-A-SIDE WOMEN'S CUP Tor Swindells & Mandi McLean Kestrels:
Emma Gordon & Kirsty Martin

Sunday's results

competition winners runners-up
Stephen Harrison, Brent Thompson, Neil Orr & Joe Wilson
Glen Robertson, Trevor Jeyes, Andi Werner & Melizza Castanares
Magda & Max Marzec, Tom Lambert & Liam Jenkinson
Grand Old Dukes
4-A-SIDE MIXED LOWER DIVISION Dale Hildrew, Dylan Thompson, Lauren & Sophie Hindhaugh Pink, Pink Fizz:
Ian Sinclair, Jack Bosomworth, Josh Taylor & Matthew Farrow
2-A-SIDE MIXED Tiny Guns & Tor:
Kieran Sowden & Tor Swindells
Keith & Oliver Sowden
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