The 24th Tynemouth Beach Volleyball Tournament 2016

16/17th July 2016

Another fantastic weekend, helped by the weather but also everyone involved. A huge thank you, as always to my ‘crew’, who start very early in the morning to set up and are there til the end taking down. Also to Stephen for his brilliant photographs and to Matt, who updates the website and designs the tshirts and vests each year. Also, a huge thank you to Eileen, who helps me out on the day, becoming my ‘legs’! .

As usual, I was starting to panic at the slow uptake of entries and also the turbulent weather of late, but also as usual, I needn’t have worried about either. The sun shone for most of the weekend, resulting in a few burnt bodies.

This year, we had a ‘Rio’ theme, linking to the Olympics and giving out ‘spot’ prizes. The winners of these were:


Joe – for his DJ’ing
Monkseaton VC – for Sportsmanship, when they had to relocate due to the Bouncy Castle
Adri + Kermilis – Brazilian Outfits
Kieran S – Dancing to Gangsters Paradise
Kieran G + Liam – for effort as the youngest team
Olly – Match winning shot
Tom + Trev – Best Shirts
Dean – Looking after baby to enable wife to play all day.


Stephen – photography
Mel + Co. – Wearing very ‘Brave’ vests
The Single Ladies – All girls team in a mixed tournament
Lorna D – for great attitude and teamwork
2 Hot 2 Dangerous – Face paints
Ellie W – For reffing the final

Now to the volleyball.


Saturday was a sunny but blustery day, meaning that the wind levelled things a bit, due to being very unpredictable. Hugely competitive in the men’s 2-a-side with 19 teams, resulting in KIE + ATTI beating BRENT + LEDGE in the top competition. LAST MINUTE beating HOT + DANGEROUS in the plate.

A slightly disappointing turnout in the womens, with only 9, 2-a-side teams but still hugely enjoyable. AS GAROTAS DE IPANEMA beat HOLLIE + KATE in the top pool, with SANDPIT NINJAS beating GEORGINA + ABBY in the plate.


On Sunday, again the weather was kind to us for the majority of the day and with less wind than Saturday. 29, 4-a-side teams turned up to enjoy the competition. The Top Pool was eventually won by PICK YOUR AXE MAN, beating ROYAL RHINOS by 2 sets to 1: 15-11, 7-15, 8-15.

The Plate resulted in 2 HOT 2 DANGEROUS beating PRACTICE SAFE SETS 15-12, 15-11 and in the Bucket and Spade Pool, ATOMICS beat SURF N VOLLEY (no score available).

This brings me to the final match of the day, the mixed 2-a-side knockout final where ATTI + KIRSTY beat KIERAN + DAVID 21-12.

Over the weekend, we counted a record 17 different Nationalities:

Hong Kong
South African

Let me know if I’ve missed anyone!

Overall, an enjoyable weekend which we will hopefully repeat next year. July 15th and 16th – save the dates!

Sue Sowden

Saturday's results

competition winners runners-up
2-a-side men's cup KIE + ATTI BRENT + LEDGE
2-a-side men's plate LAST MINUTE HOT + DANGEROUS
2-a-side women's cup AS GAROTAS DE IPANEMA HOLLIE + KATE
2-a-side women's plate SANDPIT NINJAS GEORGINA + ABBY

Sunday's results

competition winners runners-up
4-a-side mixed plate 2 HOT 2 DANGEROUS PRACTICE SAFE SETS
4-a-side mixed bucket & spade ATOMICS SURF N VOLLEY
2-a-side mixed ATTI + KIRSTY KIERAN + DAVID
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